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Experience the most comfortable way to
hold your phone with Ungrip. One-handed
use on a phone is possible again!

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A Huge Problem

Modern cellphones are getting bigger and bigger...while our hands are not.

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phone faced?

Phone Faced?

no free hand?

No Free Hand?

broken screen?

Broken Screen?

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broken screen?

“I always get the latest phones. But for the past few years, they’ve become so big that I dread getting a new one! Until I discovered Ungrip... now I can handle any new phone with one hand comfortably and securely.”

Jason Cawdell, UK
Toy Designer

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The Ungrip Solution

Introducing Ungrip - the most comfortable way to hold your phone. Metal solutions only hurt your finger... while Ungrip comforts them.

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Letting Go Easy

Ungripping your phone is as easy
as 1-2-3!

1. Stick

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3M VHB tape is super strong and
leaves no residue when removed.

2. Slip

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Just slip in any of your fingers
inside the strap

3. Ungrip

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All you have to do now is
let go of your phone!

Why Ungrip?

There are so many reasons to Ungrip:

  • Extremely comfortable fabric material
  • Attractive design looks good on any phone
  • One finger can securely hold your phone
  • Sticks to most surfaces with or without cases
  • Endless ways to hold your phone...
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  • Multitude of colors and patterns to suit anyone
  • Small size won’t bother anyone’s pocket
  • Interchangeable strap for different moods
  • Lanyard hole for wrist straps or charms
  • Small or large-handed people will all benefit
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“Having small hands make it impossible to handle my phone with one hand. With Ungrip, it’s so easy now! And I feel at ease when my little ones handle my phone with Ungrip.”

Angela Shannahan, USA
Full-time Mom

Time to let go of your phone!

Order now and save money!

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Made for Everyone

Ungrip is designed to jive and not clash with our phone's looks.

colors collection

Colors Collection

The most affordable among the collections, Ungrip Colors Collection comes in regular and pastel color variants. They are sporty, bright and fun!

patterns collection

Patterns Collection

This collection screams personality. Lovely and colorful patterns let you express your individuality while looking both hip and cool. give that plain looking phone/case an upgrade that accentuates it.

specials collection

Specials Collection

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, look no further. This collection boasts of more unique materials like wood, chrome and aluminium finishes. Go ahead and look bad ass with these boys!

They Love Us

Ungrip is loved by the media.

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“I’m clumsy, but I have my phone in my hands all day. Ungrip is the most comfortable way to avoiding accidentally dropping a phone or having to rest it on my pinky for support for extended periods of time.”

Marton Barcza, Germany
Blogger, TechAltar


Ungrip at an even lower price point.

colors collection


Retail Price: 12 USD
Sale Price: 9.99 USD
(20% Savings!)

patterns collection


Retail Price: 16 USD
Sale Price: 11.99 USD
(25% Savings!)

specials collection


Retail Price: 20 USD
Sale Price: 15.99 USD
(20% Savings!)

Time to let go of your phone!

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“It seems crazy, but I actually
base my phone case purchase on
Ungrip now. I can live with almost
any kind of case, but I can’t live
without Ungrip.”

Maria Chan, Hong Kong
Graphic Designer

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“My phone is pretty small, but
surprisingly, I still find Ungrip very
useful. It’s seldom that you find
something so simple and functional
that is also beautiful. I’m sure Ungrip will be enjoyed by many!”

Zach Rivera, Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the questions that you are most concerned about.


Will Ungrip work on my phone?

The 3M VHB Tape that Ungrip uses stick to most surfaces.

Ideal Surfaces:

  • Flat or slightly curved surfaces
  • ABS plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass
  • Non-slip silicone

Not Ideal Surfaces:

  • Highly textured surfaces
  • Irregularly shaped surfaces
  • Water-proofed surfaces (latest iPhones, Samsungs, Xperias)
  • Soft-touch silicone
  • Untreated wood
  • TPU


Can the 3M Tape be reused?

No. The 3M Tapes can only be used once.


Does Ungrip come with extra adhesives?

Yes. Each package comes with two (2) 3M VHB Tapes.


Is Ungrip washable?

Yes. Ungrip is water proof and can be washed since it’s fabric. Just wash it with any hand soap and let it dry for a few hours.


Can I pick my own Bumper and Strap combination?

No. Ungrips are sold as a set. Sorry.


Are the Specials Collection using real wood and aluminium materials?

No. These materials are plastic with special finishes to mimic the real thing. Trust us, they look really good in person. :)


What if my phone is water-proofed and I still want to use Ungrip?

If Ungrip can’t stick to your phone directly, we advice that you get a polycarbonate slim case so that Ungrip can stick to that case. We can honestly say that there a lot of people who have already changed their phone cases just so they could use Ungrip. That’s a true testament on how Ungrip is awesome!

Time to let go of your phone!

Order now and save money!

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